Can I ever trust you again? - Chapter 1 - Just_Misheru - 물가의 밤 (2024)

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"I don't understand what's going on with my body!" winces Euihyun as he gently rubs his belly, "urghh I'm so fed up of this tummy ache! I just want to go home."

A week has passed since he was kidnapped and left imprisoned in various small rooms. No windows or furniture, except for a single mattress on the floor. Guards continually keeping a careful watch outside of his door. He can feel his body struggle as his stomach tightens and the nausea takes over.

"Why can't I calm down? This isn't new to me. People have treated me like sh*t all my life so why do I feel like I'm being torn apart?" Euihyun sighs as he presses his head against his pillow and lays his body down. "I was an idiot to believe Taeju had changed things for me. For the first time in my life I was comfortable," he mumbles as tears begin to roll down his cheek and dampen his pillow, "never again will I trust someone. From now on Euiyoung is all that I need."

Without notice Euihyun hears the door to his metal prison swing open and the sound of someone step inside. They stomp towards his mattress on the other side of the room.

"Here take this", the thug snarls as he tries to pass Euihyun a mobile phone. After a few seconds of silence the tall man lays down the phone on Euihyun's pillow before turning to walk out of the room. "Fine, suit yourself, I'll come back in one minute to collect it", he yells as the door closes behind him. Immediately a familier voice fills the room.

"Euihyun? Euihyun? Please answer me! Euihyun? Please!"

It was Taeju. The man who made Euihyun believe he was finally safe, when in reality his f*cked up life remained unchanged. At first he felt immeasurable anger towards Taeju but now all that remained was emptiness.

"Where is Euiyoung?" Euiyhun says softly, facing away from the phone.

"He's safe with me," Taeju replies, his voice breaking, "I'm going to get you home soon."

"Why has nothing changed since we met?" Euihyun professes calmly, "you're still a thug and I'm still paying for a debt that I never touched."

Taeju drops his head and stares at the floor. Euihyun was right. This was all his fault. He promised to end the debt but he couldn't. He was afraid that without the money hanging over Euihyun he would have no reason to stay. His own selfishness put Euihyun's life in danger once again.

"This will all end soon," Taeju claims. He feels relieved to hear Euihyun's voice even if his words are painful. Without warning the phone disconnects.

Once again, silence fills Euihyun's partially empty room. He curls up in a ball with his knees to his chest, his stomach tightening in knots.

I want to go home.


It was difficult to keep track of time with no windows but by Euihyun's own estimate another 24 hours has passed. He is still stuck in the same cold, metal room. I doubt it will be long until they move me again, his mind racing as he slowly sits up from the mattress, feeling uncomfortable. The air in the room is becoming heavy. He stands up and makes his way to the door, opening it just wide enough to talk to the guard.

"Please I need air, it's unbearable in here", he begs.

"What do you think you're doing? Get back inside quickly!" the guard shouts, panic heard in his voice. He pushes the prisoner backwards and slams the door closed.

Euihyun inhales a deep breath and falls forward, his body pressed against the door. Every fragment of him feels calm. The nausea and stomach pain that has plagued him all day suddenly becomes more tolerable.

"It's Taeju's pheromones," Euihyun whispers as his eyes close, "Is he making a deal for me?"

Time continues to move slowly as Euihyun attempts to keep watch on the door. He is lying on the hard mattress and drifting in and out of consciousness. Dizziness and fatigue have burdoned him again.

"MOVE OUT OF MY f*ckING WAY," a loud voice yells before the heavy door swings open, almost coming off its hinges.

The noise startles Euihyun as he manages to partially open his eyes. In front of him is a tall, blonde man with a worried gaze.

"T-Taeju?" Euihyun stutters as he tries to sit up.

"Wait. Euihyun, yes it's me. Let me help you please," Taeju pleads. He drops to his knees and gently places his arms around this pale figure lying before him.

"What did they do to you? Is that blood on your hands!?" Taeju snarls.

"I didn't give them the opportunity to hurt me. It's not my blood," Euihyun replies before nuzzling his head onto Taeju's shoulder, "my stomach hurts".

Taeju lifts Euihyun in his arms and heads towards the exit, his feet stopping suddenly mid way across the room. What is this feeling? Why do Euihyun's pheromones feel different but at the same time unchanged? Taeju wonders as his eyes glance downwards, his gaze moving over Euihyun's body. He whispers, "It can't be..."

"What's wrong?" Euihyun questions as his eyes become heavier, "please get me out of here Taeju... I want to go home."

"I want us to go home too," Taeju responds, "but first, let's go to a hospital."

Taeju continues to hold Euihyun tightly as he escorts him to their parked car. He lays his partner down in the backseat and manouveres himself to sit beside him. He gently places Euihyun's head on his lap and runs his fingers through his his hair. He sighs, feeling overcome with relief.

"I'll never let anyone hurt you again," he asserts, pulling Euihyun in that little bit closer.

Can I ever trust you again? - Chapter 1 - Just_Misheru - 물가의 밤 (2024)


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