18 HindiLinks4u.to Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives (2024)

#1 FullMovieOnlineWatch.com



FullMovieOnlineWatch.com is an excellent source of entertainment for having online movies for free. It offers a great number of films in all categories, either these are Indian movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, or the movies of any other showbiz industry.

It is the best option over the internet to watch unlimited and new online movies for free. This website can be accessed from any web browser and any platform, as well. If you are looking for a free to download movies in HD quality and want to access or play from any device like PC, smartphones, tablets, devices, and media players, then FullMovieOnlineWatch.com is a perfect website.

For the information of the readers, this movie publishing website gets the movies from the leading video streaming and sharing websites. So, rather than hosting movies, it gets the movies from the other entertainment websites.

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#2 Einthusan.tv



Einthusan.tv is a premium South Asian Streaming content provider that offers full-length feature movies in HD. It brings a vast collection of high-bitrate audio albums, videos, and music files. It is also known as a social entertainment hub where users discover and consume South Asian content at its best. As compared to all the similar platforms, it is more powerful and feature-rich. Its library consists of more than 4000 legally licensed content from up to 9 regional languages of India.

Einthusan.tv also strives to continually acquire films to provide its users with hundreds of hours of entertainment joy. It offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface that consists of a number of categories and sections. You can easily explore each one to find your favorite content or use its powerful search box where you need to place the name of your movies that you want to watch.

Unlike all the other streaming sites, it also daily update with new release movies and other entertainment content to deliver a complete experience. There is also a range of core features that immerse yourself deep into the entertainment world. Try it out; you’ll surely enjoy it.

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#3 BestHDMovies



BestHDMovies is videos and movies streaming and downloading website that allow its visitors to directly watch or download free HD movies on your PC, smartphone, or tablet devices. The movies or videos downloaded from this platform can also be played easily on DVD players and even Blu ray players without any conversion process at all.

It is one of the best sources of getting Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free in HD quality and without even paying a single penny at all. Here we would like to bring into your notice that except kids, BestHDMovies is perfect for people of all ages.

As the site contains adult material, so use it at your own risk. Overall, BestHDMovies contains the finest selection of best movies over the internet. So, no matter whether you are looking for Indian videos or Hollywood movies in dubbed format, BestHDMovies is all there to assist you in all areas.

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#4 Bolly4u



Bolly4u is a movie streaming and downloading website that holds the links of the leading film streaming and sharing sites. It is also known as a movie search engine where you type the name of the movie or TV show you are looking for, and it comes with all those possible links where your film is being offered for watching in online mode or downloading mode for watching in offline mode.

This website doesn’t hold any files on its servers at all. Rather, all the contents being offered by it are provided by non-affiliated third parties. It just offers free movies that are available for free over the internet. The movies are available here in all kinds of genres and classes. In addition to Indian and Bollywood movies, you can download from here dubbed films and TV shows, as well.

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#5 MovieWatcher.io



MovieWatcher.io is created for those movie lovers who want to watch or download movies or TV series in HD quality and free without any registration at all. It is a website from where you can enjoy all of these features without facing any hurdles at all.

At the online portal, you will find the real and working streaming location over the internet. Don’t take this website as a platform for holding the movies in its database at all.

Rather it indexes a third-party video-sharing website and in the end, grab the lead stream links at a centralized platform from where you can watch in HD quality for free. The site also mentioned in introductory lines that don’t require the creation of any account at all to use its services freely.

The best about MovieWatcher.io is that you will find a lot of entertainment stuff regarding movies and TV shows that you can sort out in the form of the genre, rating, and much more.

MovieWatcher.io Alternatives ↬

#6 GoodMaza



GoodMaza is an all-in-one movie streaming site where you can watch and stream any movie, including Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, and all the others. This movie site offers the film in two formats only that are MP4 and 3Gp, and for the same reason, it is offering with plus average movie qualities.

We will not recommend this website for watching HD movies at all. However, still, you can have your favorite films viewed and downloaded in the best quality. GoodMaza has a great selection of Indian, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies that you can watch and download for free. You don’t need to create an account at all as this website is always available in ready to use format. Overall, GoodMaza is one of the best sites over the entertainment for having movies in many genres and categories.

GoodMaza Alternatives ↬

#7 SabWap



SabWap is an independent search engine for movies streaming and downloading. It is like Google for the film from where you can search for your favorite movies, and it will show you the result of all those possible websites where your favorite film is located.

From the offered link, you can either watch the movie or download as well. The biggest database involved behind this movie streaming and sharing site is YouTube. It also relies on several other external servers as well as it deploys the API from many video hosting websites.

For the information of the readers, this website has nothing to do with search engines and other video streaming and sharing sites at all like Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, and other sites. The link of any movie given by this website is the property of the website from which it belongs.

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#8 MoviePublish


MoviePublish is dedicated to Hindi movies and covered all kinds of movies, either it is Punjabi, Bollywood, Telugu, or any other type of Indian film. The best above this movie streaming and downloading website is that it has started offering dubbed movies as well. So, we can bet this website is going to fulfill your thirst for having double fun and entertainment this weekend.

In any case, if you are not founding the desired movie, then don’t worry at all. You can make a request for the website, and they will soon publish the film on their website and will share the link of the movie to you via the email ID provides to you. In short, you are not going to leave this site empty-handed at all because it has a lot of stuff to offer to you for free.

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#9 DittoTV


DittoTV seems to be TV shows offering website. However, it primarily deals with the great amount of Indian and Hollywood movies as well. From the official website of this entertainment service provider, you will get the instant chance to watch hundreds of live TV channels for free in both the Hindi and regional sections.

There is also has news, movies, and random video sections that are free to explore. The features that make DittoTV stand out amongst its competitors are that it offers the live TV guide to assist the visitors to opt from what is currently playing and what is going to play next on TV. It provides seven days to catch up on popular TV shows. In the end, it also comes with fresh movies as well. Overall, DittoTV is one of the largest sources of entertainment over the internet at the moment.

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#10 WatchNewMovie


WatchNewMovie is a modern level movie streaming, sharing, watching, and downloading website for getting the news and reviews on the movies and also allow you to download them for free. It is designed for true movie lovers who want to watch the latest videos without any cost and in good quality.

You don’t need to go for any registration at all and don’t require to take down any surveys at all. As you move into the website, the doors of instant streaming and watching of your movies will remain open all the time.

Just move to the search section of the website and type the name of your favorite movie, and the movie will be in front of you. That’s why most of the entertainment lovers like to use this streaming and downloading websites. We here warn you that WatchNewMovie deals in adult movies as well, so keep the kids away while opening this website.

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#11 CooLMovieZ


CooLMovieZ is one of the best sites for downloading full-length high-quality movies. It brings different kinds of videos that you can download from the website, including Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The site also has a list of a handful of movie genres, such as Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, and Animation, etc.

Unlike most of the streaming sites, it also has other sections, including upcoming movies, top 5 movies, trending movies, and new releases, etc. There is also a search option where you need to place the name of the video, tag, genre, or other related content.

CooLMovieZ is quite simple and easy to use downloading movie sites, and no require any registration or personal information, go to CooLMovieZ.me and enjoy all features without any limitation. Overall, CooLMovieZ is one of the best sites that allows you to download full-length high-quality movies.

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#12 Filmlinks4u


Filmlinks4u is a website dedicated to Hindi, Indian, and Bollywood movies only. There are thousands of English and Hollywood films as well, but these are being offered in dubbed mode only.

It has a great selection of movies that are being offered for free. What makes Filmlinks4u special one is that it always comes with recently released movies. In case you are looking for your favorite recently released movies, then Filmlinks4u is a website from where you can get it for free.

However, on the date of the release of your favorite movie, it will be not available in HD quality at once. However, you can have in HD quality within one week of the release of the film. Moreover, the website didn’t directly store the movie in its database at all. Rather it hosts the link of hundreds of films and videos hosting and sharing sites. Whenever you search for any movie, it will come with all those links where this movie is available to download or watch online.

Filmlinks4u Alternatives ↬

#13 Air Video HD


Air Video HD is a live video streaming app to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows on your big screen device to enjoy it together with your family members. Users can download a file by selecting the size and quality of the downloaded from the options menu.

Air Video HD app shows the list of all the available movies, and you can sort the list by applying various filters such as duration, date, time, genre, category, and download size. Users can convert a movie into their native language to understand all the dialogues without downloading it.

You can download a video file and save it in the internal storage to watch it later without connecting your phone with a WiFi connection. The app helps users share information about a movie with other fans to watch it later with them.

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#14 Airflow Remote


Airflow Remote is a virtual remote to take full control of your audio devices right on your mobile phone screen to save your effort of finding the real remote.

You can control the playback by moving a slider control as well as stop a video by tapping on the pause button to watch it again from where you left. Airflow Remote – Remote control for Airflow app comes up with a straight forward interface with buttons to enable users to access settings, search bar, playlists, and files from the home screen.

Airflow Remote app features playlists to add as many songs as you want to it and tap on the play button to listen to them without selecting a new file after the last file ends. Users can change the background color and the main theme from the settings to customize the interface.

Airflow Remote Alternatives ↬

#15 Stagevu



The continuous evaluation in the world of the internet is opening more and more doors of entertainment for us. Among a lot of means of entertainment, movies streaming, watching, and downloading sites are significant sources. In these biggest sources of entertainment, one most familiar name is of the Stagevu. It deals in all kinds of movies, but its main focus in on the Bollywood movies and to some extent, dubbed English and Hollywood movies as well.

Watching and downloading any movie is free without any cost at all. However, if you want to watch your favorite movie online, then you will be first required to install the DivX Player that is, in fact, the plugin for playing the movies over this website. The numbers of movies stored in the index of the site are although low, but still, it is one of the largest means of watching movies for free. Here you will find those movies as well that are hard to find in most of the movie’s web sites.

Stagevu Alternatives ↬

#16 india4movie



The name of the website is revealing the story that this website must be about Indian and Bollywood movies only. Yes, it is true. india4movie is dedicated to Indian videos only. It always comes with the recently released movies and shows in high-quality that you can easily enjoy even on all devices.

As the movie will appear on the first show, it will be published on this website by the end of the second show that means in most of the cases, and you have your favorite movie downloaded from this website on the premiere of the film.

However, it is not guaranteed whether the recently released video will be available in HD quality or not. In case if it will not be available in HD quality just after the release of the film, still you will be able to have the movie in perfect print within one week of release. Moreover, watching and downloading is free without any limit.

india4movie Alternatives ↬

#17 Alluc.ee



Alluc.ee is an online movie streaming site that allow you to enjoy the full-length high-quality movie without any cost. It offers almost eighty million movies, TV shows, and much more stuff in HD quality.

Everything available over the internet is indexed on this website. That’s why it is listed among the largest sources of entertainment over the internet. This independent search engine is one of the best sources for streaming and downloading links.

There is also has four hundred leading hosters and other websites from where it found the movies and TV shows. It worth clear that this website doesn’t host any content on its own at all and doesn’t possess contain any downloading links. It only shows the links of video streaming, downloading, and sharing websites.

Alluc.ee Alternatives ↬

#18 KasperMovies



KasperMovies is a Hindi and Indian movies streaming website that are perfect both in term of quality and quantity. Its database at the moment has millions of videos that are free to watch in online mode and download as well to watch in offline mode.

Most of the movies on this website are offered in MP4, AVI, and 3Gp, which are easy to play on any media player and platform. In addition to Hindi movies, KasperMovies also has a great selection of many other films as well, like Hindi dubbed movies and Hollywood movies.

There is only one problem with this website, and that is it never comes with the latest movies at the right time because it only deals with HD quality movies. For the same reason, it keeps its visitors waiting for weeks to get the recently released video. But once it is available on its official website, it will be surely in the HD quality.

KasperMovies Alternatives ↬

18 HindiLinks4u.to Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives (2024)


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