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The Library of Hermetic
Philosophy in Amsterdam

Blavatsky Study Center

The best list of links on Esoteric Philosophy

Rudolf Steiner

The Knights Templar International Homepage

Philosophical Research Society

The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel, Freemasonry, the Knights
Templar and their History and Symbolism


The Theosophical Society
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Lectorium Rosicrucianum
International School of the Golden Rosycross

Cult Information

Apologetics Index provides 13,044 pages of
research resources on world religions, religious
cults, sects, new religious movements,
alternative religions, apologetics-, anticult-,
and countercult organizations, doctrines,
religious practices and world views. These
resources reflect a variety of theological
and/or sociological perspectives.

CESNUR, the Center for Studies on New
Religions, is an international network of
associations of scholars working in the field of
new religious movements. Its director is the
Italian scholar Massimo Introvigne.

Scientology, dianetics, other cults, critical texts,
reviews, texts, books, studies, adresses, URLs
and articles in french and English

A database of information about cults,
destructive cults, controversial groups and movements. The Rick A. Ross Institute of
New Jersey (RRI) is a nonprofit public resource
with a vast archive that contains thousands
of individual documents. RRI on-line files include
news stories, research papers, reports, court documents, book excerpts, personal testimonies
and hundreds of links to additional relevant
resources. This database is well-organized for
easy access and reference.

East and West, Religion, Politics
and Power in the Third World War

CARM is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Christian
apologetics organization whose purpose is
to equip Christians with good information on
doctrine, various religious groups (Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.), cults, Evolution,
New Age, and related subjects.

Parapolitics/Conspiracy Theories
Predictions & Prophesy: Modern Predictions and Ancient Prophesy for the Millennium & Beyond


At Cygnus Books, we select the
best mind body spirit books
from the 100s
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There are more than 1200 mind body spirit book
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The 1990's marked an important turning point
in the United States for public health and the aggressive business tactics of one of the
country's most powerful and pervasive
industries: BIG TOBACCO.

At the forefront of these changes was
Dr. Jeffrey Wigand, who exposed corporate
deceit and wrongdoing in spite of threats to
his career and the personal lives of those
around him.


Alot of Organics
Here you will find UK organic food including:
organic groceries, organic vegetables, organic
meat, organic fish, organic baby food, organic hampers, vegetable box schemes and much
more. Sites that offer national organic deliveries
are listed under National, and local sites are
listed by town under England, Scotland, Ireland
and Wales.
Beantree Organics are a specialist UK
mail order supplier of quality organic groceries
and wholefoods. From preserves and chutneys
to wine and chocolates, at Beantree we're
aware it's becoming easier to buy fresh organic
food, but we aim to bridge the gap and help you
eat organic all round, not just when and where
you can find organic food.
This section of the website introduces you to Fairtrade growers in the Third World. It also
gives you all the information you need to source Fairtrade food and drinks in the UK.

Envoronmental Cosmetics and Vitamims

Beauty naturals, the Natural Health and
Beauty Collection

Alternative Medicines, suppliers of a wide
range of high quality health food and dietary
supplements direct to you at competitive
affordable prices
The principal functions of the company are
to manufacture and market household
cleaners, detergents, soaps and toiletries
which have the absolute minimum impact
on the environment both in use and the manufacturing process. Where possible,
all raw materials will be obtained
from renewable sources.

The Bio-D Company was formed in 1988.
From that time a fixed cut-off date of 1983
was adopted as a baseline for raw materials
which may have previously been tested