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At Audion, our aim is to deliver music as
close to the originally recorded sounds as can
possible be achieved. We are able to do this
through extensive research of various circuit topologies, together with specially selected components from around the world. This puts
us at the forefront of valve audio reproduction, delivering world class products that we think
you will enjoy.

Conception is above all a question of
creating, innovating and inventing in all
domains in order to offer genuine products,
the performances of wich are incomparable.

All handcrafted in California

Spendor BC1
The original BC1 is 3 way design, using a
Spendor manufactured 8" Bextrene bass unit,
a Celestion HF1300 midrange and a STC/
later Coles 4001 supertweeter. They were
designed by Spencer Hughes in late 60s
while he was working as a technician for BBC.
The speaker's midrange clarity is superb and
its imaging is first class. Even nowadays, the midrange and imaging capability of the BC1 is
still one of the best in comparison to many
modern studio monitors.

The undisputed king of headphones

XLO Electric
XLO Electric is a company that has very
rapidly come to the forefront of its field.
Since 1991, when the company was founded,
XLO's products have gained enthusiastic acceptance by audiophiles around the world
and been the subject of an ongoing series of
rave reviews in the world audio press. XLO
Electric Company has been nominated for
DuPont's prestigious Plunkett Award for
Technical Excellence and the Golden Note
Award of the Academy for the Advance of
High End Audio

Audio Synthesis
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Drugs and Addiction

This is a story of a prostitute/crack head, a person
that is damaged, has not grown up, nor taken any
responsibility for life and her children. Its not such an
unusual story, in that its not untypical of 99% of women in this
position and if you have a similar tale to tell you can post it here.
You may say silly old fool, and yes to err is human and most
normal people take things on trust and can only be pushed so far.
Enjoy reading but take this as a warning on your emotions and your pocket.